Fix: Windows 8 1 Update KB is not applicable to your computer

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Now, follow these steps to remove the Windows 10 Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC error. Once you have the latest driver installed you will now need to update BIOS. Generally, your computer’s manufacturer website contains all the information about the latest BIOS version. If you are running the latest version, upgrade BIOS and restart the system. Now, that we know what is to be done the question is how to get a compatible driver installed?

  • Fortunately, Windows provides an MBR2GPT conversion tool that allows for this conversion without data loss.
  • You will be asked to confirm whether you want to export all files.
  • Once the reset is complete, log in to your PC and check whether the corrupted Registry error shows up or not.

Close all the processes which are given below that may consume the resources of your computer one by one or manually by following our guide How to End Task in Windows 10. In Windows 8.1, select “Update and recovery” at the left, then “Recovery” on the left. Now select “Restart now” under “Advanced startup” on the right. Advanced tools- These are recommended for advanced users only. Refer to the video below for complete information. There are several ways to reach your goal of having a properly operating computer, some that will allow you to keep your files and personal settings.

Format the hard drive

Now, input this (chkdsk /r) command, when the Command Prompt wizard loads properly. Finally, when you input the last command bootrec /rebuildbcd after typing EXIT to finish up the procedure and then restart your local machine. Here, press any key when you view this Press link any key to boot from CD or DVD. Your PC will reboot multiple times during Windows installation. If all the above fixes have failed, consider installing fresh Windows.

The wrongs in this section are not precisely malware, since they do not involve making the program that runs in a way that hurts the user. But they are a lot like malware, since they are technical Microsoft actions that harm the users of specific Microsoft software. The fact that Flash has been disabled by Adobe is no excuse for this abuse of power. The nature of proprietary software, such as Microsoft Windows, gives the developers power to impose their decisions on users.

Try Rolling Back Your Last Update

In some cases, the easiest solution to the ‘repairing disk errors’ issue is to keep it running so it can fix the problem on its own. This function checks and repairs your hard drive so it’s actually good for your PC and you should let it complete its progress. This is a fatal error that users get while working on an internal or external hard drive. While it is mostly linked to a hardware issue related to a device, sometimes even a logical error can also trigger this situation. If you are trying to access or copy a file that is no longer available, then you will get a hard disk error like this. Apart from a loose connection, a corrupt configuration, or incompatible driver can also be a trigger.

Delete any applications that you don’t want to run at Windows startup. Do an online search to investigate any that are unfamiliar. Click Run to list shortcuts to all the executable files that run at startup. Enter the name of the uninstalled application and click OK to search. Each matching key or value will be highlighted. If your computer is turned off, crashes or dies without going through the normal shutdown routine, it could cause an issue in the future, but this is unlikely.